DUS Manifesto Notes

Looking at the DUS Manifesto I decided to pick up on key points and make some notes that I can touch back on when thinking about designing experiences. This has raised questions on top of questions, and not having the answers is exciting:

MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL. – This brings up issues of taste. What is beautiful? What is not? does it matter. could it be ugly instead? How does this apply to the city?

USE NEW OLD MATERIALS – Greening the city is on a lot of people’s minds. Re-generation. Using history, re-using materials. Bringing attention to the everyday, the small, the forgotten.

BE PERSONAL – talk to people, engage with the audience, what is the festival communicating? what relationship s being built?

PLAY THE CITY – a script not a blueprint. lots of room for change. how can the festival guide itself? or the participants themselves? freedom

CONFUSE – engage people with mystery, with a challenge, with oddity, the unexplained. let people make their own interpretations.

ABSTAIN FROM AUTHORSHIP – make a mark but give it away. how can people of the city feel connected to their experiences and not that they are pressed upon them?

BUILD MENTAL MONUMENTS – places to gather, make memories, share experiences, get involved.


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