Trend Forecasting

Notes front cover

Notes on The Trend Boutique Presentation:

Macro 3-5 years/ Micro 1-2 years/ Micro 6 months

trendsetter/ earlyadopter/ trendfollower/ lagger

Why are trends important?
Right products/ right time
industry worth billions
Inspiration and direction

The methodology behind trend setting is particularly relatable to that of blue sky thinking:
Research vs Intuitive? Left vs Right Hand Brain
Research = driven from statistics, data, collation of information
Intuitive = Gut instinct, creative thinking
Reality = Both left & right brain approaches / driven from both sides / knowledge & experience key.

Starting points – Political, Economical, Social, technology, environment (key points to consider in designing experiences)

I was very dubious about trend forecasting and how I could relate to it at first, but reflected on blue sky thinking and the importance of keeping an open mind and found a lot of it useful. Particularly considering the starting points of trends which really relate to what can be taken into consideration for festival ideas. Theres a lot of information I’m going to look into further as the project continues.


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