See Yourself Sensing Exhibition

See Yourself Sensing Exhibition

“Visitors will have to stick their heads into a plastic glass sphere called the Videodome to experience the next exhibit which begins the interactive portion of the gallery.

Cameras are mounted all over the apparatus, designed by Garnet Hertz, which captures all angles of the head that is inside of it and projects the images on several screens mounted on the wall.”

In another part of the exhibiton is “what artist Golan Levin calls the Eyecode.. Guests will look into a camera that will capture clips of their eyes blinking and will add them to a collection of blinking eyes that have been collected throughout the day on a computer screen.”

“There’s this sort of humanity when you see everybody’s eye blinking and you almost can’t distinguish them,” Schwartzman said. “It seems so profound that our individuality, maybe in the end, isn’t so great. That we’re just a bunch of two eyes.”

Vince Ei –


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